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Top Tips To Care For Your Feet This Summer

Updated: Jan 30

Summer is right around the corner, meaning barefoot beach walks and strappy sandals, but are your feet ready? Below we have listed some of the most common problems we see over summer and some tips to ensure your feet stay healthy and comfortable!

Common foot issues during summer:

  1. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles’ tendon pain from wearing flat thongs: Wearing flat thongs can increase the load being placed on many structures through the feet including the Achilles’ tendon and plantar fascia. Flat thongs also encourage clawing of the toes as you try and hold the thong to your foot.

  2. Dry and cracked feet: As the weather warms up, we want to spend more time outside of shoes. This exposes the feet to the elements and can increase dryness and cracking! These cracks can get deep enough to bleed, which are extremely painful and can lead to infections.

  3. Fungal skin and nail infections: Time spent around pools and other damp areas can increase your chances of contracting fungal infections. This can enter your skin or nail and can present as itching between the toes and feet or discolouration and changes to your nails.

  4. Aggravation of old injuries: We commonly see people aggravate their old foot, knee or leg injuries we had previously treated with better footwear or orthotics. Large periods of time spent barefoot or going out for long walks and exercising in thongs can lead to issues.

Our Top Tips:

  1. Avoid flat thongs: Our recommendation for open footwear that is good for your feet - Archies! These thongs are designed with an arch support, small heel raise and a tight strap across the front of your foot so you wont need to curl up your toes to hold them on. Archies are available from our Albany Creek clinic.

  2. Get on top of those dry and cracked feet: Now is the perfect time to have that dry skin treated and get into a habit of applying an intensive moisturiser. At My Family Podiatry, we can remove the hard, dead and cracked skin, leaving soft and smooth heels. We then recommend applying Revive Daily, an intensive and non-greasy moisturiser available at all our clinics or from

  3. Treat fungal infections: The earlier the infection is treated, the easier it is to treat and the less likely it spreads to others. Early intervention also decreases the likelihood of damage to the nails being permanent. If you start to notice any itching, redness or changes to the feet or nails, please get in touch.

  4. Prevent re-aggravation of old injuries: Enjoy some time with bare feet but make sure you put your supportive footwear or orthotics back on before a large amount of exercise or long walks. The last thing we want is to undo all the hard work you have put into getting better by spending time in bare feet.

  5. If you have any pain in your feet or legs, come visit My Family Podiatry: Summer is the time you want to be able to get out, explore and enjoy yourself, not being limited by pain. If you have any foot, ankle or leg pain, call the team at My Family Podiatry on 3088 6116 to book or click the Contact button below for more information on our services.

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