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Cameron Bennet Bio Picture


Podiatrist | Director
Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Podiatry

My current experience has taught me two things; listen and understand the unique need of each patient and remain educated and present in the latest advances in podiatry care. 

After graduating QUT, I entered the Podiatry world to explore my passion for helping people. Working as a Podiatrist across Australia, I quickly discovered that keeping the patient’s health needs at the centre of care was often missing in the Podiatry treatment being provided.

My Family Podiatry’s aim is to provide a high level of patient focussed care to all patients and assist the broader community in managing their lower limb health. With a background in physical training, I have a special interest in the rehabilitation of lower limb sporting injuries.

Outside of the treatment room I am committed to providing education to the allied health community through my strong online presence and continued professional development.

When I am not working you can find me spending time with my young family by the beach enjoying all that Queensland has to offer.

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