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Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Podiatry

At My Family Podiatry, we regularly see patients through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Commonly, their time spent in the military has resulted in injuries or ailments entitling them to allied health services covered by DVA. Recipients will hold either a Gold or White card, dependant on their level of impairment. For an individual with a White card, the podiatry treatment received must be related to the injury described on the White card and prior approval may be required for some services.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

What Services Can Be Covered?

DVA Gold and eligible White card holders can access a range of podiatry services including:

  • Routine foot and nail care: This may involve cutting the nails, treating corns or calluses, treatment of fungal nail infections or general maintenance of the feet.

  • Custom Foot Orthotics: These can be used to offload pressure areas in the feet, treat injuries such as plantar fasciitis or to assist with arthritic changes in the joints of the feet, ankles and legs.

  • Management and removal of ingrown toenails: This includes both conservative and permanent surgical treatments for ingrown nails.

  • Neurovascular assessments: Thorough Doppler ultrasound and neurological assessments may be performed to ensure foot and leg health or in the management of diabetes.

  • Medical Grade Footwear (if required).

All of these services are dependent on the recipient’s needs and individualised treatment plans will be developed to ensure the best possible outcomes. Most commonly, these services will be provided in the clinic however in-home visits can be arranged if required.

How Can I See A Podiatrist Under DVA?

Gold card and eligible White card holders can speak to their GP about their need to see a podiatrist. The GP will write a D904 referral to the podiatrist and the treatment cycle can commence. D904 referrals to podiatrists last 12 months or a maximum of 12 visits, though a new referral can be written if more visits are required.

If you or a family member are covered by DVA and require podiatry service, please call 07 3088 6116 to discuss how My Family Podiatry may be able to help care for you!

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